60,000 Songs. In your achingly fashionable corduroy messenger bag.

This caused quite a stir on Twitter, so I thought I'd give the rest of the world a heads-up. I was looking for a buyer for my MacBook Pro but didn't find one, so it was clearly time for at least a hard drive upgrade to make the machine more livable.

My usual source for hard drives is Dabs, since they carry a dazzling array of drives, always have it in stock and they get the finger out and ship on time. I also love their site's interface for drilling down through the various specifications: choose SATA, choose laptop, choose 160-300GB.

300GB? Yes, 300GB. That's not a typo.

I hadn't caught the news that laptop drives had reached this kind of size. I knew Apple had a 250GB CTO option on the latest MacBook Pros, but I didn't know 300GB even existed. The device in question is Fujitsu's MHX2300BT. It's a 2.5" 300GB drive with a 4200rpm spindle and an 8MB buffer. I paid £116 at Dabs for it, which is a pretty nice price.

In between bulging Aperture and iTunes libraries, the chunky iLife '08 install, a Leopard partition and maybe Boot Camp in the future, 300GB is the kind of size one wants in a laptop these days.