The Devalued Prime Minister of a Devalued Government

An absolutely brilliant demolition of Gordon Brown in three minutes by Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan is doing the rounds on the internet today.

I'm happy to do my bit to spread the virus. Not only because I agree with every word of it - and I do - but the sheer economy of language, the tautness and energy in Hannan's speech is a joy to listen to.

David Cameron should make every effort to get Hannan out of the European Parliament and into, at least, a junior position in the Cabinet come the next election. A Willam Hague for the Internet era.

Oh, and don't try and find this gem on the BBC sites. Despite its pointedness and the prestigious venue for Hannan's critique, I can't find this clip on I suppose it's not as newsworthy as, say, idle speculation about a riot that may or may not happen at some future date.