£24m School Can't Get Its WiFi Working

The Times reports that: that:

The head of the £24 million Bristol Brunel Academy — a beacon of Labour’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme — said that its wireless system had yet to work properly and teachers still did the register on paper because of problems with swipe cards

Incompetence on an epic scale.

In my school, we aim to lose no more than five teaching hours per school year to computer failure. The last couple of years have been less than three.

some heads, particularly those involved with the BSF programme complain that they have lost freedom over their IT budgets, and are forced to buy expensive equipment through designated suppliers

This is a huge issue. Overpriced, underpowered hardware on long inflexible contracts coupled with fashion-led purchasing (interactive whiteboards, fingerprint scanners).

Let's not even get started on GLOW, Scotland's nationwide Microsoft SharePoint deployment.

Delivering yesterday's technology tomorrow.