In Praise of Tiger

With Leopard's release imminent, I think we should take a moment to reflect on Mac OS X Tiger. In my opinion, Tiger has been an outstanding foundation for the growth of the Mac platform that we have seen over its lifetime. The fact that the six month delay to Leopard was met with more mild disappointment than wailing and gnashing of teeth speaks volumes for the completeness and maturity that late versions of Tiger achieved.

Lets not forget, also, that Tiger was ported en masse and nearly perfectly to the Intel platform without a massive halt in its continued maintenance. That, in itself, is a massive achievement by Apple.

As a developer, Tiger represented a good mixture of technologies to get most jobs done. The developer community has been evolving the user experience over Tiger's lifetime and new technologies in Leopard will help us go faster again. The fact remains, however, that Tiger was a very complete OS and API set that enabled us to build excellent applications.

That said, wait and see what we'll do with Leopard. Tiger was great, but it's going. Pretty soon, most of the community will be on Leopard. And then the games begin.