Check the new shiny

Just put a new design live on the Connected Flow blog. Much better than Kubrick!

The story behind this is the story of a smart business move. I blogged about how much I hated the design of It's such a programmer's web design, with all its sharp corners and hacky layouts.

A couple of days later, Matteo Rattotti of Shiny Frog sent me a zip file via email saying "I saw your blog and I redesigned your site for you", and his design was great, so I hired him to make me a custom Wordpress theme for the corporate blog too.

Now, for a little work and speculation, here I am giving him all the free advertising I can and he's permanently linked from a well-read blog and a much-visited website. If you're in business and looking for a way to get some recognition, don't be afraid to go out on a limb with something speculative like that.

Find something popular and fit into its ecosystem. That's what I did with Flickr.