Living the Kinkless Lifestyle

In idle boyish superhero daydreams, I like to imagine that Ethan Schoonover is my alter ego. Think about it: Ethan is a professional photographer and amateur programmer; I'm a professional programmer and amateur photographer. We live at either end of the globe. Few have ever seen us together.

Anyway, I've had the screencasts of Ethan's Kinkless Desktop series in iTunes for some time, but only got around to watching them and getting my act together today.

Ethan's ideas are pretty cool. I had really forgotten how useful custom icons can be, and I'm enjoying a little light refresh of my Mac OS X look and feel via CandyBar - I don't do hard drugs, like theming.

A great and simple hack to subliminally pressurise yourself to stay tidy is to use bigger icons. I'm using 100px icons on my desktop now and they feel all weighty and serious. I like it.