xScope: Not just for the Photoshop jockeys

One nifty little tool that I've been getting a lot of use from recently is xScope from the Iconfactory. xScope has a few different features, but they're all mostly about virtual measuring and alignment tools on your desktop: pixel rulers, screen rects, a loupe, guides, frames and crosshairs.

As I'm redesigning and inventing new UI for FlickrExport 3, I'm finding the Screens tool to be very useful in reminding me how much it totally sucks to have a 1024x768 screen to take the needs of users of various classes of hardware into account.

When you have big displays, it's easy to get sloppy with your use of space when laying out UI. xScope's screen tool lets me pop up an overlay at various standard sizes while I'm working in Interface Builder to check that I'm not accidentally making sheets and panels that won't fit on smaller screens.

It's a more useful programmer's tool than it initially seems. Definitely worth checking out.