Triggering FlickrExport with Quicksilver

I figured out today how to get Quicksilver to trigger FlickrExport. Here's how:

  • Get the User Interface Access plugin installed
  • Enable "Proxy Objects" in the Quicksilver section of Catalog prefs.
  • Launch Aperture
  • Invoke Quicksilver, type "current application" and perform the "show menu actions" action.
  • Now type "Flickrexport" to bring up the menu item.
  • Hit escape to back out of actually invoking it.
  • Invoke Quicksilver again and hit Cmd-, to open prefs
  • Add a new HotKey trigger
  • Here's the trick: the last displayed action is still visible in the trigger setup sheet.
  • Hit return and assign a keystroke to it. I chose Cmd-Ctrl-E.

That's the insight right there. I don't otherwise know how to get to proxy objects in the triggers setup sheet.

I haven't yet imagined what happens if you invoke this without Aperture as the current application. Probably bad things.

Disclaimer: Quicksilver is deep and complex. If you're a QS beginner, the above will seem obscure to you. Unfortunately, I simply do not have time to school you in Quicksilver 101 via the comments on this post. Merlin can show you, though.