Daniel Jalkut On Wil Shipley On iPhone’s “SDK”

Wil Shipley made the point about the iPhone SDK as only he can, and Daniel Jalkut summarises Wil in a way that sums it up for me:

Wil Shipley On iPhone’s “SDK”: "

If I wanted to program in a crappy language just so I could get more customers, I’d switch to Windows, not stinking JavaScript.

Pretty much sums it up for me, too. Wil makes this point and about a million other cutting and accurate remarks about Apple’s sloppy presentation of web development as an ‘SDK’ for the iPhone. It’s a common theme among developers that we feel burned not by the lack of an SDK, but by the fact that Apple expects us to believe that this is one.

(Via Red Sweater Blog.)

There is an element of dog-whistling here, though. No developer, except perhaps certain utopian hipsters with a Rails fetish, really believes that this is the end of the story for iPhone development. I don't know if the expression on Scott Forstall's face is under the WWDC NDA, but the way he can configure his eyebrows tells a story.