My iPhone Thoughts

I got an iPhone yesterday. No, they're not out in Scotland yet. Sam DeVore helped me out by re-shipping a 4GB iPhone. I was able to trivially work around the activation requirements, and all I'm missing is, er, the phone calling part, oh, and YouTube. There have been a billion iPhone reviews, so I won't multiply words by repeating what others have said. I have a couple of thoughts though:

  • Isn't it great that you can lock the iPhone much more easily than you can unlock it? Most phones seem to use the same improbably difficult keying sequence to lock the phone as to unlock it.

  • The silent switch: how civilised.

  • The ringtones are typical Apple: slick, understated and high quality. By disallowing custom ringtones, Apple has done the world a favour.

  • The scrolling, although apparently imprecise, gets you to where you want to be surprisingly often. I was coding last night after about 6 straight hours of iPhone use, and I found myself instinctively clicking my code and dragging, as if that would scroll it.

  • Safari is stunning. Such compatibility and fidelity in a mobile device? Unheard of.

  • The implementation of pop-up menus in Safari forms is very clever. It could stand to be a little faster to navigate forms.

  • MobileMail is great, although one side effect of no text selection is that you can't highlight a message and selectively reply. A minor shame.

I primarily bought this to hack on, but I've been mired in the tar pit that is UK tax regulations for three days now and haven't had much time.

Also, this morning for a brief period, the iPhone - still with its AT&T SIM inserted - showed that I had a full signal on Vodafone. Calls didn't work, but I did have four bars. It usually shows "No Service", and it's showing that right now.