Apple Store, Glasgow

Some friends and I went out to the opening of the Glasgow Apple Store today. We had great fun, although sometimes that fun involved making fun of the drunk guy in front of us in the queue.

I have a couple of shots here, and a whole photoset on Flickr. The shot below of the Genius Bar is probably my favourite of them all, although I also really like this one of the Starbucks cups that the Apple staff served us at 7.30am. Good to see that Stateside tradition preserved!

Genius Bar

Canon EOS 30D, Canon EF-S 10-22mm @ 10

1/125 @ f/7.1, ISO 640

This little kid was wearing a Che Guevera hoodie. How ironic to queue up for the opening of a store belonging to an icon of capitalism wearing the picture of an icon of communism.

Che Would Be Proud Of You

Canon EOS 30D, Canon EF-S 20-22mm @ 22

1/50 @ f/5.6, ISO 1000

I wanted an iPod Shuffle for Christmas, but my mommy says that Apple exploits the workers! I got a packet of seeds and a sickle instead....

Anyway, empty shirt-front gesture politics aside, the event was awesome. The renovation of the store has produced one of the nicest Apple Stores that I've been to. The walls are bare stone inside (another shot), and there's a beautiful spiral staircase in the typical Apple Glass Staircase style.

A stunning shop, wonderfully helpful, polite and articulate staff. Lorna bought a new style USB keyboard. We joked that, if we had asked the hated Scotsys about the new keyboard, the response would likely have been, "Keyboard? Oh, Apple don't make keyboards any more. Would you like a copy of the new Mac OS 8?"