MarsEdit 2

One of the things that inspired me to switch from my seven-year-old LiveJournal over the summer was my experiences beta-testing MarsEdit 2, which was released today. That's a pretty big deal for me, considering that I wrote Xjournal, the main LiveJournal blog client for Mac OS X. Yes, I got iTunes'ed by Daniel Jalkut.

Xjournal had been languishing for a time. The main reason why was the success of FlickrExport. FlickrExport paid the bills and Xjournal didn't. It's now open source and in new hands, but I had rather let it go in my heart some time ago. It became clear to me that LiveJournal was becoming an old blog platform, hamstrung by its legacy roots. It was also clear that Six Apart didn't really know what to do with it. LJ has a lot of users, but a lot of users very used to getting a lot of service for very little money. When Vox was launched, it was clear to me that Six Apart wasn't investing in LiveJournal in the way it needed to in order to have it keep up.

Anyway, I actually worked with Daniel on the Flickr integration features of MarsEdit 2. You'll see my credit in the About Box. MarsEdit 2 contains some of the code that underlies FlickrExport, and uses it to make adding Flickr photos to your blog incredibly easy. I think I said to Daniel at some point early on, "If you do this feature right, I'll switch to WordPress/MarsEdit". Well, he got it very right.

MarsEdit 2 is a great update to an already good app. Definitely check it out.