Coverflow Hater

I'm generally a pretty easy-going guy on UI matters, but one Apple innovation that I absolutely cannot stand is Coverflow.

It seems to me that Coverflow replicates everything that is frustrating and unpleasant about looking for something in the real world. In stark contrast to the organised drill-down structure and instant searching of iTunes' library views, Coverflow brings you ordering on one axis and the need to flip through item-by-item.

At least, with Coverflow on the new iPods, you can go from start to finish in a continuous spin around the click-wheel. On the iPhone and iPod touch, it's an even more tedious and inaccurate flip-flip-flip action. Simply put: Coverflow, compared to the iTunes library, is the difference between searching the racks at a record store and walking into the store, saying the album name and having the CD magically fly into your hands.