I just got schooled by kids

I'm sitting in a Primary 2/3 computing lesson taken by a colleague. These kids are ages 5, 6 and 7. The topic is "How Computers Help" and we're asking the kids how computers help. The answers are amazing:

  • "You can download stuff for your Nintendo Wii"
  • "You can go on the internet and find a house"
  • "You can go on eBay and buy stuff"
  • "You can watch a DVD"
  • "You can print pictures from your camera"
  • "You can get a movie camera and talk to other people"
  • "You can download music to your iPod"
  • "You can put your songs on a CD"
  • "If you don't know what to wear to school, you can go on the internet and find out"
  • "You can send your typing to a friend"
  • "You can go on the internet and see pictures"

What they didn't say was as interesting: nothing about typing letters, nothing about spreadsheets or databases. Not that you would know this from educational resources. People who make up these courses are still stuck in the days of ClarisWorks, when it was really an awesome feat to have a spreadsheet and a graphic in the same document.