Free Idea: FullScreenKit

Here's an idea I want someone to do for me and the rest of the internet: FullScreenKit. What is FullScreenKit? Well, it's a syncretic mixture of UIKit, Core Animation and Front Row.

Here's the motivation: I recently wanted to write a Front Row-like application but found the process of bootstrapping too onerous, so I didn't do it. As far as I know, Core Animation doesn't provide you with much in the way of standard full screen controls or menu structures - you have to do a lot yourself.

So, I propose a project - for some motivated person with more free time than I - to produce a UI framework based on Core Animation that visually mimics Front Row, but uses the conceptual design of UIKit from iPhone OS.

If you think about it, UIKit is an immersive full-screen user interface. It's just designed for a very small screen. Front Row-style interfaces have many of the same challenges, just in a bigger size.

The kit would need:

  • An equivalent of UIView and UIViewController.
  • An equivalent of UITableView to create the menu structure in Front Row.
  • An equivalent of UINavigationController to drill into the navigation hierarchy.
  • Easy support for showing an image or playing video content.
  • A collection view like NSCollectionView or IKImageBrowserView would also be very useful for showing a large amount of content compactly.

So if you're more Hardcore Animation than Core Animation and looking to do the next Sparkle, be my guest. I'll make some fun things with it.