MacDev 2009: Integrating with Apple's Photography Ecosystem

We've finalised the abstract of my session at MacDev 2009:

Learn how to integrate your service or application with Apple's photography applications iPhoto and Aperture. If your application consumes images, you'll want to know how to get the most out of the Apple photography ecosystem. In this session, Fraser Speirs will cover the SDKs for iPhoto and Aperture and touch on some of the major System APIs you'll want to be aware of when dealing with photographs on Mac OS X.

As I currently imagine it, this talk is about the image handling ecosystem on Mac OS X as it relates to photography. It will cover things like Image Capture, the ImageIO framework, RAW handling, metadata, the iPhoto and Aperture APIs, and ImageKit. It will specifically not be a Core Image session - I only have one hour.

Subject to change between now and April '09, of course.