Hidden Internet: Delicious Network

One of the most consistently interesting feeds in my RSS reader is my Delicious Network. What's my Delicious Network? It's an aggregation of the Delicious bookmarks of people I choose to make part of my network on that site.

The URL is http://delicious.com/network/fraserspeirs. Yours will end in your username.

When you're on another user's page the site and logged in, you can choose to add them to your network:

Once you realise that you can do this, the question is then who should you have in your network?

I can't answer that for you, but here's my network:

It's kind of remarkable, if you think about it, that these eighteen people write the most entertaining linkblog I read. And they don't even know it.

The Delicious Network is my Secret Internet Ninja Move of 2008. I'm consciously trying to be more of a contributor to Delicious, having mostly forgotten about it until this year. If you want to add me to your network, I'm at http://delicious.com/fraserspeirs.