Aperture 2: Did I Get My Wishes?

A while ago, I blogged about my wish-list for Aperture 2. Now that we have the update, I thought I would take a look back:

GPS Metadata Editing

Still waiting for this one!

Ability to lock versions


Comments field on Projects


Better Handling of externally processed RAW Files

It appears that nothing has changed here since 1.5.

Allow the use of Adobe Camera RAW instead of ImageIO

Well, not entirely. The new baseline DNG support means that Aperture will read anything that Adobe's DNG converter will process, so there's some improvement in accessibility of RAW formats there.

Secondly, Apple improved the RAW conversions in Aperture to the point where it's no longer obvious that ACR is significantly better.

Expand Stacks into Grids

Nothing to see here.

A Keyboard Shortcut to "Move Next" while focus is in a textfield

We got this one! Cmd-{left, right} arrow will take you to the next and previous images while you're editing a metadata field. My only regret is that they managed to override a standard Mac text editing keystroke.

Lens Model Metadata

We got this one too, and FlickrExport has been updated to use these tags as Flickr tags.

A visual warning when soft proofing is on


Summonable HUDs


More than two metadata overlays


Search Presets


Support Photoshop Plugins

It is said that there is a new plugin API for image adjustments, but there is no documentation yet.

Steal the Split Toning, Clarity and Vibrance adjustments from Lightroom

Clarity and Vibrance made it, but no Split Toning. Two out of three ain't bad.