Apple Blogging

The problem with blogging journalists is that it turns journalists into bloggers. This rather unedifying spectacle of Jack Schofield writing in the Guardian. It goes something like this:

Blogger: Steve Jobs is a liar because he used a 3D pie chart!

Commenter: Not really because X, Y and Z. Anyway, who cares?

Blogger: You're clearly an Apple fanboy/zealot.

We can generalise this structure into:

[Extremely weak argument against Apple because Apple == pageviews]

[Commenter calls blogger on inanity]

[Blogger uses the 'fanboy' smokescreen as a shield against the rebuttal]

It's surprising, though, to see a journalist openly insulting his corresponding readers:

JackSchofield: "... I guess stupidity is an essential part of the Mac fanboy approach to reality"

Disappointing and childish to see a mainstream journalist trolling the comments on his own blog. Really, very disappointing indeed.