App Store Reviews: credit where it's due

Great move by Apple today. One thing that has always bugged me about reviews of higher-priced applications such as the love of my life, OmniFocus, (and to a lesser extent, Exposure Premium) has been that some people tend to abuse the App Store's review system to protest the price.

For any software of any appreciable complexity, the sine qua non of a review of that software is that the reviewer has at least been in possession of a copy of the software. Simply complaining that you won't pay the price of an application is fine, but in no sense whatsoever is that a review of the software. If you have purchased the app, and still don't think it represents value then, by all means, say that in a review. Don't hijack the purpose of a review to push your ideas about software pricing.

The App Store has always had enough data to enforce this requirement, since it knows which accounts have downloaded each title. Until now, that hasn't been enforced. I and other developers have requested that it should be, in order to keep the review system as a venue for actual reviews that are worthy of the name.

Thank you, Apple.