Upcoming Conferences

Time to pimp some stuff:

Scotland on Rails


Scotland on Rails is back for another round of Rails and Rails-related tutorials and sessions. I'm not a Rails developer, but I do occasionally portray James Duncan Davidson in certain British TV markets. I photographed Scotland on Rails last year and am going back to do the same in 2009.

The speaker line-up is great and, being the Git fanboy that I am, I'm particularly looking forward to meeting Scott Chacon from GitHub.

MacDev 2009

MacDev 2009 is a new Mac OS X developers' conference that's being held in the UK in April. I'll be speaking there on Integrating with Apple’s Photography Applications and APIs. Other speakers much more eminent than I include Matt Gemmell, Mike Lee, Andre Pang, Marcus Zarra and Bill Dudney.

You really, really want to be at this one if you're a Mac Developer.