The Weekly Review as an OmniFocus Project

I've recently been getting my GTD system back together in the aftermath of the Viewfinder release. Most systems get out of whack in the run-up to software releases, but you always have to get back in the saddle.

As I was reorganising my OmniFocus, I started to think that it would be great if OmniFocus could help you through the weekly review. Instead of waiting for Omni to build that into the software I figured out how to make the weekly review a project.

I took the standard list of weekly review steps from the Getting Things Done book and added them into a project:

The insight here is in the repeat settings. I set it up this way:

  • Set the project to "Mark complete when completing last item"
  • Set the project to "Start again 1 week after completion"

These settings mean that, whenever I complete a Weekly Review project, another project will immediately appear with a due date one week hence.


Here's an OmniOutliner file template that you can import into your OmniFocus database with the actions and notes. The tasks will appear in your Inbox grouped under a "Weekly Review" item which you can then drag into the sidebar to make a project.