NSConference, Day One

Just finished a long and excellent day at NSConference. I would be tempted to say that all the speakers today were brilliant, but that would be immodest since I was one of them. All the other speakers were brilliant.

Matt Legend Gemmell kicked off the conference with a very measured, calm and reassuring walk through the process of creating custom controls and UI.

I, Fraser Mildly Average Speirs, followed with a tour of the photography ecosystem on Mac OS X. I was really happy with my talk. It was clear that the five-plus hours of rehearsal that I did helped me get it all across in good time. I leave it to others to judge whether the material was well-received, but I felt I did a good job.

Philippe Mougin showed us F-Script. I like, I think, many developers have known about F-Script for ages but haven't really had the a-ha moment with it. Philippe wowed the audience by using F-Script to mess around with the objects in the Keynote presentation that he was giving. Very impressive.

My friend André Pang is a frighteningly smart chap. It's bad enough knowing intellectually how smart he is but sometimes when he shows it off...yikes. Pure functional programming, lambda calculus and casual references to Gödel, Escher, Bach - André had it all in there.

By the time André had finished, well, I was pretty much finished too. Coming down from too little sleep, too much talking and the adrenalin of doing my presentation, I had to skip Mike Lee's Pimp My App session and catch an hour's sleep. Mike is never not good to listen to.

We then reconvened to record a Mac Developer Roundtable Live which, despite the name, involved at least 40 minutes of iPhone discussion. I love doing that kind of thing. I should say I love hearing from other people, but I really love giving my own opinion about stuff.

Then we ate, then we talked and talked and talked and...it's midnight. More tomorrow, but I already look forward to NSConference 2010.