Upcoming Speaking and Listening Engagements

In the coming months, I'll be doing quite a bit of travelling. Sometimes speaking, sometimes listening but I thought I might list them here in case anyone's interested in the kinds of events I'm interested in. Each event ends with a link to my trip on Dopplr.com. If you want to connect with me on Dopplr, just visit my profile and I'll connect back (probably, unless you have a creepy-looking avatar).

As I've written before, it's always good to get out of your subculture, so I'll be attending dConstruct '09 in Brighton. It's my first dConstruct, and I'm not even close to being qualified to speak on the topics the conference covers, so I'll just be gathering new influences and hanging out with the Realmac team. [Dopplr]

Next up is the awesome C4[3], Chicago. I'll be speaking very, very briefly at this one. Wolf is introducing an Ignite-style five minute "Blitz" talk format. I'll be speaking on "Finding the Time: Stories from a one-man band". I hope to expand the points I raise into a series of blog articles, but that's not a promise! [Dopplr]

This one was arranged a long time ago, and I should probably reconfirm it soon, but I'll be leading a session at Stirling and District Camera Club on Aperture, Flickr and digital workflow. Wednesday, September 30th at 7.30. [Dopplr]

In October, I'll be making my first-ever trip to Boston to speak at the Voices That Matter iPhone Developers Conference where I'll be speaking on "Cameras and Photos". If you heard my talk at NSConference earlier in the year, this talk will be similar in nature, but focused on the iPhone SDK and its photography APIs. If you're interested in attending VTM, you can use the code PHASPKR to get $150 off the early-bird pricing (which is available until September 12th). I'm really looking forward to this one. [Dopplr]

Finally, finally, I'm heading to London on October 28th for the Stack Overflow DevDay. When I registered for this, I thought it was going to be a tight little 300-person event. Seems like it's blown out to an 800+ seat show now, so it might be a little exciting. I'd love to meet anyone and everyone who cares to meet me at this one because I'm aware that a lot of people will be at SO who aren't usually at the bigger-ticket conferences like C4 and WWDC. I will not be speaking here - thankfully, since my brain will undoubtedly be mush at this point in the year. [Dopplr]