Apple Ships Aperture 3

The long-awaited, much-doubted Aperture 3 is available today. Amongst other things, Faces and Places from iPhoto are available in Aperture 3.

I'll have more to say later once I've had a chance to install and play, but I wanted to remark on one thing straight away: Aperture 3 is being marketed as a direct upgrade for consumers from iPhoto.

A few points of evidence:

Since 1.0, the Aperture team has been on a mission to continually refine and simplify the Aperture interface. Aperture 2 was a big step in closing the simplicity gap with iPhoto. I don't yet know that Aperture 3 has closed it, but Aperture has never before been so heavily marketed at iPhoto users as this version is.

I've been saying for some time that the more modern, more scalable Aperture should at some point become Apple's only photogaphy application for both professionals and amateurs. Is today the first step on that road?