International Apple Store Codes

So I made this new thing: a set of International Apple Store codes. Short codes, in the style of IATA airport codes, for referring to Apple Stores.

This is, of course, all Twitter's fault. I was thinking about the most compact possible way of referring to my local Apple store. The store's actual name, as listed on Apple's retail site, is "Glasgow Buchanan Street" (23 chars) but that doesn't tell people that you're actually at the Apple Store. "The Glasgow Apple Store" (24 characters) is about the most compact unique way that you can refer to it.

Enter IASCO. Instead of "the Glasgow Apple Store", I can now refer to "GBU". When I made up all the codes I tried to avoid reusing the major airport codes but, for disambiguation, I prefer to use "GBU" or "aGBU" on systems like the iPhone that can't type the Option-Shift-K Apple symbol.

There's also a short URL redirector on the site, so you can link to "" to be redirected to

Find your Apple Store at and fork the GitHub repo if you see an update that's required.