Upcoming Events

So a few things are happening soon. Here's a run-down.


Next week, I'll be attending the Scottish Learning Festival with my colleague Andrew Jewell. We're not presenting, just attending. We thought about submitting a talk but, at the time we would have been submitting, the iPad thing was just a planning exercise.

If you're interested in meeting up for a chat, please send me an email. If you just want to sell me your latest YouTube cache server then, I'm sorry, but we've spent all our money.


In October, I'll be involved in a debate (actually, since it's in the US, it's a "smackdown") at the Workshop on the Impact of Pen-Based Technology in Education, held at Virginia Tech. The workshop is on the 25th and 26th of October.

I'll be flying into DC on the 23rd, then driving to Blacksburg on the 25th. After WIPTE is over, I'll be driving to Georgia to visit St Paul's School in Savannah, then back to DC to fly home on the 30th.

If you live somewhere along that route and are interested in meeting up or having me speak at your school, user group, Apple Store or other organisation, please get in touch. I'd love to try and fit you in.

The address, as ever, is fraser at this domain. Watch your E's and I's in the Speirs.