New Ways to Read

For the new year, I've hooked up a couple of new ways to read this site.

RSS subscriptions have been available forever and that's not going away. The URL is /feed and your browser probably auto-detects it in the URL bar. I've added a link to the feed in the Contact section of the sidebar too.

I've added a new Twitter account - @SpeirsDotOrg - that will auto-tweet each blog post as it appears here. This is all plumbed in through, which is my favourite new web-toy.

This is all because I've been growing rather attached to Flipboard recently. It is, in my opinion, the best way to read news on your iOS device. So much so that it has completely replaced my regular RSS reader. I'd encourage you to check it out and then add @SpeirsDotOrg to it. You can get it in the App Store.

The @SpeirsDotOrg account is automated and mainly intended as a read-only. I'll check it occasionally but as always, you can follow me personally on Twitter at @fraserspeirs.