The Answer is in the Question

I'm no advocate of replacing teachers with computers though the flippant maxim of "every teacher who can be replaced by a computer should be" does resonate. This article in the New York Times about push-back on technology in schools in Idaho stood out as a fight to watch.

This line, though:

Ms. Rosenbaum said she could not fathom how students would have the discipline to sit in front of their computers and follow along when she had to work each minute to keep them engaged in person.

I don't know: could working to learn and express your learning on a computer be more engaging than working to a standardised test with a pen and paper? That's been my experience over the last two years but it didn't magically happen the minute you hand out an iPad. Like I keep saying: technology, pedagogy and curriculum.

If you're fighting every minute to keep kids engaged, it might be time to try something different.