Cedars School of Excellence on iTunes U

I'm pleased to announce the humble beginnings of Cedars School of Excellence's iTunes U site.

The first three courses focus on specific activities you might wish to do on an iPad:

These courses are billed as professional development for teachers but we think they have a broader use. We realised that, when you do a 1:1 deployment, you may well be sending an iOS device into a home that doesn't know very much about iOS.

We wanted to create some brief materials that could be used to give parents and pupils support for activities done on iPad at home. Too often, we have failed to provide support for parents trying to help with ICT homework and these courses are a first step towards trying to fix that.

The courses are available worldwide and for free through iTunes U. I would love to hear any feedback you have on these courses and, if you find them useful, please rate and review them on iTunes U.