Out of School: Deploy 2014, Part 1 - Vision and Leadership

Today, Bradley and I begin the first major series we've ever done on the Out of School podcast. We're calling it "Deploy 2014" and we hope you'll join us on this exploration of all the issues around leading a major IT culture change in your school.

The idea of the series is to help anyone who is interested in planning a deployment for roll-out in the 2014-15 academic session. Although we're going to explore the options and discussion around whether or not to go 1:1, the assumption is that you're going to lead some kind of radical culture change - not just buy one or two iPads.

The first episode is all about Vision and Leadership, which I regard as the sine qua non of iPad deployments. We explore what the basis of your vision for change might be and consider some of the situations you might find yourself having to lead through.

We finish by talking about two conceptual frameworks you can use to give colleagues a way to think about the change they're facing and to give them the necessary language to talk about it. Those frameworks are SAMR and TPACK.

We hope you'll enjoy the series. You can subscribe in iTunes, directly on our website or, most likely, in the search function of your mobile podcast client.