Deploy 2014, Part 4: Teacher Training and Development

This week on the Deployment 2014 podcast series, Bradley and I talk about teacher training and preparation for a 1:1 deployment.

Teacher training is often a topic met with a lot of opinions. Some say that seminars work best. Others say that small groups on 1 on 1 work best. It’s important when planning a 1:1 deployment to understand what you are starting with. Bradley mentions that a good place to start is to see what smart phones they are carrying. If you staff is full of flip phones, you might have to approach iOS differently than if you have a staff with a 95% iPhone penetration.

Fraser discusses the “Technology Adoption Cycle” by Everett Rogers in his book Diffusion of Innovations.

  • Innovators (2.5%)
  • Early Adopters (13.5%)
  • Early Majority (34%)
  • Late Majority (34%)
  • Laggards (16%)

Fraser recommended that you focus on the early majority and don’t waste time in the beginning on the laggards. Bradley said that it is like a snowball. As you pickup more groups, you will gain momentum and can reach the others. Fraser then explained the various options for training offered by Apple and other re-sellers. He mentioned that Apple uses current teachers for its teacher training, but re-sellers will typically use former teachers. Bradley mentioned that he finds a ton of value in visiting other schools to talk and see how they do things. Fraser agreed and mentioned that it’s wise to bring the people who are slow to champion the next technology, rather than the champions.

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