Out of School Episode 157: Wufoo, Amazon Glacier and the ChromeOS Imbroglio

This week on the podcast, Bradley and I talk about three topics:

  • The recent fuss about ChromeOS being "folded into" Android. The interesting question is what is meant by "folded into" and what "ChromeOS isn't going anywhere" really means. Will there be two systems in the future or just one? Will the "ChromeOS is here to stay" promise be fulfilled by keeping the open source Chromium project around but increasingly outdated - in much the same way that AOSP is today?
  • Amazon Glacier - Amazon's long-term storage service is incrediby cheap but its pricing model is very complex to understand. Amazon REALLY wants you to trickle your data back from Glacier.
  • Wufoo - Bradley declares his love for Wufoo and explains how it can solve a large number of small problems in the school setting.

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