Conference Room Display on AppleTV

Apple TV comes out of the box with all of Apple's movie and TV services enabled, as well as all the additional channels that keep appearing on the Apple TV home screen.

In times past, the typical practice was to laboriously go through and hide all the channels. This becomes a game of whack-a-mole as channels come and go.

There is a way, however, to have the Apple TV boot into Conference Room mode by default. Conference Room mode is a view that hides all of the extraneous features and just provides information about how to connect to the Apple TV.

Here are the steps:

  • Settings > AirPlay > AirPlay > On
  • Set up the requirement for on-screen codes if desired
  • Settings > AirPlay > Conference Room Display > On
  • Set background picture if desired
  • Settings > General > Restrictions > Turn On Restrictions
  • Configure the restrictions PIN here.
  • Settings > General > Restrictions > AirPlay Settings > Show
  • Settings > General > Restrictions > Conference Room Display > Ask
  • Settings > General > Restart

The restart step is really important. This won't work unless you restart.

The result of these instructions should be:

  • Apple TV boots directly into Conference Room Mode, hiding all the channels and rental services.
  • A verification code is requested when starting AirPlay from any device (this is optional).
  • The restrictions PIN is required to exit Conference Room Mode.

You can also load a custom background from iCloud if you're logged into a specific iCloud account on the Apple TV.

The result: an Apple TV that boots into Conference Room mode.

The result: an Apple TV that boots into Conference Room mode.