iOS 9 Goes to School

I wrote a piece this week for entited "iOS 9 Goes to School".

In this article, I made the point that iOS 9 is a huge release for the iPad, the iPad is now Apple's "education computer" and therefore by the transitive property, iOS 9 is a massive releae for education.

Of course, many of the biggest enhacements to iOS 9 only appear on relatively new and powerful iPads which few schools will already own on day one. That's not really the point though.

Platform capabilities, when they arise, usually never go away again. Multitasking isn't coming to the 4th Generation iPads at Cedars this week, but it will eventually come and it will likely never go away again.

This is the difference between investing in a platform like iOS and investing in a product like, say, Kindles. For all its many flaws and recent quality mis-steps, Apple knows how to own and evolve a platform like few other companies.