Out of School: Deploy 2016 Episode 2

In all the excitement of Apple's iOS 9.3 preview announcement, I totally forgot to post about the latest episode in the Deployment series of Out of School.

In Episode 2 of the Deploy 2016 series (Episode 164 overall), Bradley and I talk about the leadership aspect of 1:1 deployments.

When school leaders, well, lead a 1:1 deployment, the results can be spectacular. When school leaders are absent from the project, success is rarely found.

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Patreon Bonus

As a first bonus for our Patreon supporters, Bradley and I put together a quick 'newsflash' episode with our first reactions to the iOS 9.3 education announcements.

The episode is live now for our Patreon supporters and will appear in the main show feed later this week.

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