Canvas Episode 2: Document Providers

It's Canvas week again! In our second Episode, Federico and I lay the foundations for your understanding of modern iOS workflow by discussing the Document Provider system.

Document Providers are absolutely key to unlocking the next level of iOS productivity. They are the mechanism that enables developers of file handling apps to offer those files to the user inside other apps.

So, if you've ever wanted to insert a movie stored in a shared Dropbox folder into Keynote, you now do this by tapping "Insert From..." In Keynote's '+' menu, choose Dropbox, find the move and insert it directly - all without leaving Keynote.

Before Document Providers, you would have had to get the video into your Photos app using the Dropbox app, then switch back to Keynote and insert the video from your Camera Roll, the. Go back and tidy up your Photos to save on device storage space.

Document Providers also make it easy to upload files to websites through Safari and insert attachments to messages in Mail.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Canvas Episode 2