Out of School: Deploy 2016 Episode 1

This week, Bradley and I begin our new Deployment Series for 2016. Many things have changed in the world of iOS deployment since we first produced our series of 15 shows covering all the major areas of iOS deployment in January 2014.

In this first episode, we discuss what those areas are. Specifically, there have been big changes to:

  • iOS Devices: there now exists a much greater range of price, performance and feature trade-offs across the iPad line than in previous years.
  • iOS apps and workflows have matured and deepened.
  • A number of important iOS apps are now part of subscription plans.
  • Software As A Service (SaaS) is now something you have to seriously consider.
  • The cloud storage strategy is a major component of an iOS deployment now, not an afterthought.
  • Many more apps are now requiring some kind of server-side access to fully function, with a resulting impact on network design.
  • The Device Enrolment Program has been rolled out more widely.
  • MDM has gone from "very important" to "absolutely essential" for all serious deployments. Further, MDM vendors now have track records in keeping up with Apple's releases - for good or bad.

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