Deploy 2016, Episodes 5, 6 and 7

I have been remiss in writing here about the latest episodes of our Deploy 2016 series on the Out of School podcast.

Since I last wrote, we have produced three more episodes, all of which are really important for your deployment.

Episode 5: Device Selection

In 2010, the original iPad just barely made it over the line into existence in terms of its hardware capabilities. 256MB of RAM and an A4 processor was exciting at the time but today we are looking at devices like the iPad Pro which overlaps in power, RAM and storage capacity with the low end of the Mac laptop line.

As a result, the choice of which device to buy and how long to keep it for is perhaps more difficult than in times past. In Episode 5, Bradley and I discuss the Good, Better, Best of iPad selection and note that, for the first time in a long time, there are really no iPads that you should avoid - except 16GB models!

Episode 6: Apps and Accessories

One of the mistakes that beginning iPad schools make is to go app crazy. I'm not even sure it's a mistake as much as a necessary phase to go through. We certainly did. In this episode, I present my philosophy of app use which focuses on the extent to which apps can enable the teaching and assessment of higher order skills. Briefly summarised: Apps are Pencils, not Books.

We also discuss accessories that are useful in the classroom and accessories which are a waste of money.

Episode 7: Financing

In this latest episode, we go deep into options for financing. Should you lease equipment or buy it? How long should you lease, and what else should you roll into the leasing cost?

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