Canvas 3: Photo Management

This week on Canvas, Federico Viticci and I go in-depth on the modern methods of photo management on iOS.

It is my contention that iCloud Photo Library is something that most - if not all - iOS users should be using now. Few additions to iOS have enhanced my daily experience as this service.

Since I transitioned my huge Aperture library to Photos, things have been improving. Having over 30,000 photos in the system has been a challenge but the back-end syncing engine has held up perfectly. In earlier versions of iOS 8, that number of photos would tend to make the system photo picker slow down. That has (almost) been eliminated in iOS 9, although third party apps that implement their own version of the photo picker still struggle.

It's not all perfect though. In the show we discuss some of the apps that still use older photo APIs and how to tell that they are.

It really is time for all developers to build iCloud Photo Library testing into their QA plans.

Canvas Episode 3