Deploy 2016 Part 10: Apple ID Strategy

This week on Out of School Bradley and I continue our discussion around deployment issues. This week, we are looking at your Apple ID strategy and asking whether there are sensible ways through this.

With iOS 9, we got device-based assignment of apps. This extends VPP Managed Distribution to allow assigning apps to specific iOS devices rather than to individuals' Apple IDs. This raises the possibility that schools could deploy iOS devices without having to make one Apple ID per user.

At the same time as Apple ID has waned in importance for app deployment, it has only grown in importance for things like access to iTunes U.

Hence we get to the Managed Apple ID approach that Apple is rolling out in time for this summer. This promises to make creating Apple IDs for access to apps and services as easy as Google has made creating a Google account in Google Apps for Education.

There are three things that can destroy an iOS deployment:

  1. Making the wrong choice on purchasing model.
  2. Getting Apple ID strategy wrong, such that you can't deploy apps effectively.
  3. Inadequate or obstructive networking infrastructure.

We're here to help you not do that.

Deploy 2016 Part 10: Apple ID Strategy

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