Out of School: Deploy 2016 - Backup, Disaster Recovery and File Storage

This week on Out of School Bradley and I discuss the issues of backup, disaster recovery and file storage.

One of the questions bound up in all of this is "how many spares do I need?". We discuss Mean Time Between Failures and Mean Time To Repair as two metrics that you need to know for your deployment in order to better answer that question.

Our iPad failure rate at Cedars has been excellent over six years now. Screen breaks are basically stochastic in nature but all other kinds of hardware failure are very rare indeed. I estimate our non-screen-break MTBF to be somewhere in excess of 2 years at this point. Chargers and lightning cables are another matter and this is something I would like to see Apple address in the future.

Deploy 2016: Backup, Disaster Recovery and File Storage

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