Out of School 180: Apple School Manager Hands On

This week on Out of School Bradley and I discuss the Apple education events that have been held in various areas to promote the new education features in iOS 9.3. Bradley held one such event in his school recently.

We, of course, continue to track the varying responses from Apple staff on whether Managed Apple IDs will get more free iCloud storage. At this point, I feel like anything less than unlimited iCloud for students will be seen as maddeningly parsimonious on Apple's part. We live in a world where companies are lining up to throw free cloud storage at schools - it's one reason why we love Google Apps at Cedars - and for Apple to cheap out on this would, in my opinion, be a mistake.

Bradley also got his first live demo of Apple Classroom and I report on some experiences having used it in school for the past few weeks.

iOS 9.3 Events

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