Manger Chic

I'm wholly ready to believe that this is another tabloid moral panic, but the quotes are hysterical:

"so great is the "manger chic" trend that the store's team of personal shoppers are now trying to persuade customers to see sense.

Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson said: "The amount of money that some parents want to spend on their child's nativity play appearance would enable the baby Jesus to leave the stable and check into a five star hotel."

Mr Watson suggested: "They feel they have to compensate for their child's minor role by putting on a much greater display of 'manger chic' to win attention."

Brand new bridesmaid dresses worth £50 are being sourced for the role of angel and arctic fur throws costing £60 for the role of sheep, he said.

While parents of would-be shepherds were paying £25 for striped Velour dressing gowns.