Technology for Excellence 2011 Conference

I'm pleased to announce something we've been working on for a few months: the 2011 Technology for Excellence conference and workshop.

Since last October and November, we have been inundated at Cedars with requests for visits. It has been a real pleasure meeting new friends and colleagues from all over the world - and I do mean all over the world. By the end of the summer we will have had visits from Texas, Virginia, Ohio and Singapore as well as all around the UK. Wonderful as this has been, the demand has become so overwhelming that we decided to do something on a slightly bigger scale than individual visits.

The feedback we have received from all of these visits has been incredibly encouraging. Once recent visitor said that her visit to Cedars was "the best professional development she had received in 15 years of teaching". Many teachers arrive interested but unsure about the practical application of the iPad in the classroom. Demos are fine but I really believe that there is nothing better than seeing technology embedded in real-world use in the classroom.

The plan is to split the two-day conference into one day of tutorial/presentation from Cedars teachers and one day of actual classroom observation. I hope that this will give the attendees a real feeling for the way we use the iPad in the classroom.

The conference will be held at Cedars on the 29th and 30th of September 2011. Since often takes time for travel approval to be given and arrangements made, we announcing the conference now and will be opening registration after the summer holidays. More information is available on the conference website and there is a mailing list which you can sign up for to be notified when registration opens.

Cedars is not a big school so we will have to cap the numbers at around 30 delegates this time around. Signing up to our mailing list will help us to understand the potential interest and demand for the conference and will provide useful information when we are deciding whether or not to run the conference again.